The company rents and sells a full range of healthcare equipment and provides adaptations, repairs and maintenance to these resources. Clientèle includes individuals, homes, hospitals, municipalities and nursing homes. It originally consisted of three businesses that are joined together throughout the project on 1 place with a uniform method of working

Period: April 2011– April 2012

Sector: Medical – Health Care

Function: Operational manager & Project manager Navision 2009

Project specifications

Responsible for the daily operational management of the businesses and leading directly 15 FTE. Responsible for achieving uniform and efficient logistics structure to meet the contract requirements of customers with respect to, among other things lead times, OTIF and product quality. In addition, a well-equipped logistics structure is a pre requisite for achieving the targeted organic growth and further takeovers. Furhter more support in procurement and implementation of ISO 9001 & 14001.

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