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The human factor

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The aim of continuous improvement is the starting point for achieving sustainable results in changes in organizations. Your staff, their knowledge, experience and attitude is the critical success factor to achieve this.


  • Sensitive

    Operate effectively in ‘politically’ sensitive environments with the control variables time, money and quality.

  • Communication

    Open-mindedness to the various views in the organization. Transparent in expectations. Objective and focused on facts.

  • Empathetic

    My empathy for other people is well developed, which means that employees quickly feel trusted and supported. As a result, the ‘resistance’ in the organization drops rapidly so that the necessary changes can be realized.

  • Leadership

    Clear vision and derived objectives. Result oriented. Taking initiative, good problem analysis and organizing work in which the interests of the customer are central.

  • Domain knowledge

    Projects carried out in areas such as: Bottom line performance improvements, Navision implementation, Lean manufacturering, Sap Business One.

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