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Supply Chain

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@Vise Business Consultancy is an independent organisation established by Hans Groen.
As a Senior Logistics Professional I support midsized and large organizations on the cutting edge of supply chain and performance management and realize structural improvements in the areas of quality, performance and results.

Supply Chain Management
Fulfilling temporary supply chain functions. Development and implementation of strategic concepts.

Experience in the areas of Procurement, Logistics, Warehouse, Planning, Distribution and Transport.

Responsibilities at the level of senior management as Operations Manager, Supply Chain Manager and project manager software implementation.

Performance Management.
Structural improvement of the bottom line results of your organization.

Projects in the areas of lean manufacturering, organizational effectiveness, process and utilization optimization, quality systems.

Operating on executive level such as sr. Consultant and [sr.] Project manager.

  • Proposition

    It is important to realize that one does not own all the answers to all the questions posed by the organization. I give insight into different ways of thinking that lead to the best possible solution.”

  • Focus on Quality

    Developing and delivering innovative concepts which provide the best possible results to all my clients.

  • The Human Factor

    I work closely with your staff, offer new insights and realize support for the success of the project.

  • Perspective

    A responsible and sustainable society where the opportunities for people, companies and environmental are balanced and connected

I would like to know more about temporary support for the challenging organizational change we are facing.

WWhat others say – References

“Hans is an asset on projects that need results in a proper way. Not only does he sees what is needed very quick (good analytical) he also has the technical background to convince people and their management systems to improve their performances and get the job done. A pleasent person to work and socialize with,” September 27, 2006

“I knew Hans during (and after) the ALIS = Assistance in Logistics through Integrated Solutions period. He was always eager to score well on the different jobs he worked as a consultant or interim expert. Not only me, but also the different clients thought of him as someone you could give a dicy task to. Hans is not only clever, he will try and find the right solution in whatever circumstances.” April 6, 2006

“I can say that he is a seasoned professional who brings a significant expertise and experience to any project. He is not afraid to share his knowledge and teach others on the team and as such is one of the best team member and project managers I have worked with.” November 9, 2012

I worked with Hans for over 1.5 years within the Reining organization. It was an honour to work with such an experienced Manager. He learned me a lot about managerial skills in a day to day business. Futhermore he was a very pleasent person to work with and a real teamplayer.

I worked with Hans on a long and sometimes difficult analysis in banking operations. Hans worked hard and diligently, delivering the results required within the desired timeframe. He built good relationships with the team members and was a pleasure to work with. He was also equally able to build solid relationships within the client organisation. A good guy. 12 maart 2014

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