The company is a premium reseller of Apple products and accessories. Its unique concept of 21 stores, business to business, education and Ecommerce, has more than proven itself in a short period of time. From its location in Utrecht, the organization serves its shops mainly in the Randstad and the south and supplies companies and educational institutions throughout the country. In addition, it has its own technical service that works according to Apple standards

Period: September 2012– February 2013

Sector: Retail

Position: Operational manager – Purchasing

Assigment specifications

With the strong growth as a result of various acquisitions, the internal organization had not grown sufficiently. As a result, the flow of goods and information stagnated. The Purchasing, Logistics and shops department did not cooperate sufficiently to ensure optimal stocking of shops. A lot of Out-of-Stock or large surplus stock was the result of this. The national service had difficulty in realizing the set standards. The collaboration with Sales – & amp; Marketing stopped at crucial moments to make specific actions a success.

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