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Internal logistics. Simple solutions to improve.

The internal logistics of any organization, is essential. A poorly functioning internal logistics, means higher costs, poor deliveries and dissatisfied customers. In addition, when market changes occur, your organization will not be able to move with them in a timely and effective manner.

Improve the business mentality.

It remains an open door but still there are many organizations that do not implement it or partially implement it. Continuous Improvement. [CIP] Methods such as 5S, Kaizen, cycle counting, process analysis or walking your shop floor daily. The hard part is keeping it up. It only works if you change the mindset in your organization. In fact, that is the first step. Organizations that succeed in this perform better every day than those that fail to do so.

There are no quick or easy solutions. It’s about continuously looking for [small] improvements, measuring your performance and setting goals. You can set up a large improvement program, but often smaller initiatives at the departmental level are more effective. It is close to you employees, ensuring support.

First of all, you need to properly map out your own processes. [Value chain analysis] and record what the given performance is. Also, each employee should know their role and task well. Training your staff on their processes and procedures, deserves full attention. And then don’t forget to record this well. Useful, practical procedures that every employee can easily understand and apply.


It remains the trickiest thing in any organization. Communication. Even if it only takes 5 minutes. But meeting briefly every day, discussing the previous day and the coming day, is essential. In which the results are also discussed. It is the time when deviations are also discussed. These form the basis of your improvements. Record them, provide structural solutions and measure the results. If this is fed back, it is an excellent motivator for staff to keep bringing up problems.

Analyze your data

Many think reporting is just redundant and a waste of time. This often says more about the attitude and culture within the organization than about the report itself. Obviously, a report must meet the need. As a result, reports can change over time. Don’t be afraid of that. But collecting, analyzing and reporting data is an essential support to your improvement process. It clarifies perceived problems, fluctuations in your process, etc., that you just couldn’t put your finger on.

Every organization has an internal logistics operation. From service providers, retail, healthcare, legal [files!] to wholesalers. The performance of your internal logistics is crucial for the future of your organization. Not only do your suppliers or customers judge you on it, employees are also increasingly looking at the functioning of an organization. Employees increasingly want to work alone at organizations that have a good reputation. Your internal logistics play a crucial role in this.


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