The company is a modern group of confectioners and private production and storage sites. The company, with a history of over 227 years, has a wide range of container and pastry products.

Period: Januar 2007 – June 2007

Sector: Food industry

Function: Warehouse Manager

Project specifications


As warehouse manager responsible for the optimization of the warehouse, align production and procurement flows and the outsourcing of the transport process.

The interior of the warehouse did not meet the required storage and handling performance. Due to the ongoing outsourcing of the dense distribution carried out with own vehicles, the functionality of the warehouse changed [docking]

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The warehouse is completely refurbished. New floors, reconfiguration of storage, completely new schemes and materials, taking out a dozen obsolete docks, altered physical flow and layout of the production facilities.

Distribution, both material and personnel are transferred to a third party. This was a transporter where the company has a long-term commitment.

Further optimization achieved by adjusting vendor rating, work floor performance boards, applying Lean Warehousing, drafting distribution models in collaboration with the carrier.

  • Full value chain analysis performed
  • Complete redesign warehouse
  • Successful outsourcing and transfer distribution
  • On Time in Full to 99.6%
  • Assessment and evaluation staff.
  • Complete elimination of products beyond THT in warehouse
  • Introduction and utilization capacity planning
  • Complete elimination of structural overtime
  • Increased handling productivity by 22.5%
  • Analysis and significantly reduce dead stock.

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