At the site in Antwerp are several chemical companies who share the services of Energy and Maintenance. The client is an internationally oriented chemical organization alongside its activities in chemicals as where its shared services are made available to third parties.

Period: September 2013– October 2012

Sector: Chemical

Function: Sr Management consultant – Analyst

Project specifications


The client has to deal with increasingly strict requirements when it comes to management and maintenance of chemical plants. The service level management and maintenance has therefore came under pressure in the recent years

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Analysis of the entire maintenance organization for the benefit of its own plants & 3rd party clients. Determine potential improvements in organizational structure and to identify and quantify its implementation by defining a detailed implementation plan and a viable business case.


The organization is audited on financial, strategic and operational level. The business case drawn up contained recommendations in the area of ​​restructuring the organization to better meet the formulated strategic objectives. The financial evaluation made clear what the contribution of the various shared service was [cold and hot spots]

On operational level is an in-depth analysis made of the criticality of the Operation and the OEE performance. It was also investigated whether the project has adequate resources to fulfill its function. The actual implementation of the various forms of maintenance by process – and labor studies were mapped. The review looked at the effectiveness and efficiency of the work. This is related to the total work by controlling the organization. Are there clear operational objectives, it is correct and timely planned and how to find follow-up and improvements within the organization and in the workplace. The business case was presented to the Board of Directors and proved to be sufficient.

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