Rationalize your online network.

It is hard work for many self-employed people. The economy will not go smoothly and now at the start of the summer period, your mailbox is not overflowing with assignments. Time to make a rationalization move.

With the growth in the number of self-employed persons, the number of online network sites and intermediaries has also increased drastically. So much so that you hardly see the forest through the trees. Which site should you register or not? Many self-employed opt for the leap forward and register on many possible sites and join all kinds of networks. This is all based on the fear that you may miss an assignment.

But the latter is not based on truth and is rather a feeling. Many clients do the same as many self-employed persons. They place the same job on multiple sites. As you often encounter the same people in many networks. Apparently there is an invisible mechanism that drives the same people together. This drive is mainly caused by the common background, education and sector with which it is active. A construction worker will not easily come across an ICT site et v.v.

The fact that so much duplication is taking place means that both clients and self-employed persons waste unnecessary time maintaining all those networks, intermediaries and contract sites. It is also bad for your focus on the market and for the way you present yourself online. Each site has its own approach, on which you present slightly differently than you actually want. Fragmentation everywhere. Rationalize!

My tips in this area:

  • Determine clearly and clearly what your market is, which assignments you are looking for [focus] and what your own SWOT is.
  • Find 3-5 sites that fit your profile. Do not fall into the trap of many intermediaries that they have all kinds of unique offers and assignments. Large clients also have several preferred suppliers.
  • Identify a limited number of networks within which you want to operate networks that really match your profile and focus area
  • Not only maintain online but also physical contact with the people / organization behind the online sites. Because you implement a rationalization, you have more time for this and you get a better focus. This is also beneficial for the other party. You don’t shop around opportunistically from one party to another. This is appreciated.
  • Every year, rationalize your online presence for effectiveness and quality. Which online sites, intermediaries and network clubs have really added value for you in the form of assignments, leads, contacts or otherwise enriches your personal and business life.
  • Provide a uniform presentation on the internet. Many sites require a different form of your presentation / summary every time. Don’t start with it. You run a good chance that your summary will come to the same client, from multiple intermediaries. It is rather strange that the same person has different résumés and therefore presents himself differently. Your credibility is then in the trash.
  • Be convinced of the added value you offer and which it is. The intermediary then needs you more than the other way around.