Is E-Commerce really going to continue in 2014?

In the United States, but also slowly in Europe, the economic climate seems to be slowly improving. Is e-commerce finally starting now?

E-Commerce is an integral part of our society. However, in recent years, during the crisis, all sectors have been struggling with a consumer who keeps a tight hand. What does it mean for e-commerce if the consumer expands his spending?


If that is the case, the focus will definitely be on the distribution centers. These are the pivot in a successful e-commerce development. Modern, state of the art, distribution centers with a robust logistics chain that is close to the customer and can respond quickly to demand and short lead times.


Online retail has increased significantly in recent years. US figures show a growth of 14.8% since 2007. However, this is only 4% of total retail sales. So there is more than enough opportunities for growth and the developments invariably point to an acceleration in growth, which companies such as bol.com are already responding to.

Successful online retail will further change the logistics chain. From multichannel to omni channel, where fullfillment centers, transfer points for packages, local dynamic depots can ensure fast delivery with a high level of service. The distribution and mixing in the centers will increase sharply.

The collection points where the consumer receives his product will also vary greatly and the number of collection points will increase sharply. Home delivery, pick up at stations or shops. Where digital information, smartphone, will ensure the optimal point for the consumer. Both flows, the consumer and the product, will find each other dynamically and will look for the optimal point. Goods will then be in constant motion. Static storage will decrease drastically.

Retail logistics cover.

It will not be easy to adjust your logistics strategy to this and your logistics infrastructure will also change significantly. It is no longer a question of stacking bricks. Global e-commerce will take on enormous complexity in which real-time information is essential. In addition, matters such as internet pre-penetration, smartphone use, demography and regulations determine to what extent it will be successful per country. But if you master these factors well, it will provide a platform for a successful e-commerce chain.