omnichain, supply chain

The omnichain for Fashion

The omnichain is more than ever about relationships between consumers and providers. From an “oneway” consumption product to a total experience.

Global supply chain challenges

A multitude of developments are forcing international companies to regain awareness when it comes to supply chain integration. Distances, culture differences, costs, but especially changing consumer behavior add an ever increasing complexity to your supply chain. With the rise of the omnichain, international companies are facing the following challenges:

  • Lack of transparency and control of international shipments
  • Too little cooperation with international suppliers and partners
  • Inadequate predictability of lead times
  • Excessive or insufficient stock in the chain or in the wrong places
  • Silo think in the chain where local metrices are at odds with corporate metrices

Conditions for success in an omnichain are real-time information throughout the entire chain. A proactive approach to deviations and incidents and choosing strategic partners worldwide who can support your supply chain both physically and technologically.


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