Logistics in 2016

On the threshold of 2015, we can look back on an eventful year. Any economic recovery but will it continue? And what does this mean for your supply chain? A brief look into the glass ball.


Although growth expectations are moderate for logistics, consumer spending will increase as a result of the tax cut. Yet the consumer will turn every euro and go for the best deal. This means that the consumer will expect the best service at the lowest possible cost.

Further optimization of your E-Fulfillment can ensure that you can meet the increasing demands of the customer at an acceptable cost level. Because the wish of the customer to determine where, when and how is delivered will continue unabated. Companies will have to focus even more on flexibility and responsive supply chains.


In recent years, Big Data has been central to the development of the future. That in itself will not change, but I do expect a step to be taken. Despite the potential, companies are not really able to get the most out of it. Partly because investments and the adjustment of organizations are lagging behind. Many companies do not really know what to do yet and look the cat out of the tree.

In addition, companies avoid very large investments in new technology. The fact that technology is developing so fast makes companies reluctant to make large-scale investments. People will look more and more in small adjustments.


Now that the climate agreement has been signed by 196 countries, more countries will speed up the sustainability of their economies. The question remains to what extent and at what pace, but the trend is unavoidable. In addition, more and more companies are suffering from the effects of climate change. This requires more focus on risk management in this regard.

In addition, due to the narrowing cost differences between economic power blocks, the increasing demands for speed and flexibility, companies will benefit from shortening their supply chains and reviewing their outsourcing strategy.

Many small steps

The time of very big changes will disappear into the background and make way for organizations that look for small adjustments. Limited investments that pay for themselves quickly and leave room to switch quickly within a few years. In an uncertain and above all turbulent global economy, fast and flexible action is essential. The major challenge for supply chain managers is to keep an overview in this ancient logistics soup.

I wish you a lot of wisdom and a successful 2016.