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Sustainable opportunities for the Netherlands

While the Dutch economy is yielding to many tax increases and a world economy that is not improving, the sustainable sector continues to develop. Time for the Netherlands to seek connection.

The green funds of all funds are still extremely successful. Crisis or no crisis. More and more companies, including AkzoNobel and Unilever, are spending more and more money on making their organization more sustainable and in some cases their entire chain. It is therefore all the more strange that the Dutch government has failed again and again.

Joined solutions

Today it was announced that a major breakthrough has been achieved in the generation of solar energy. Inspired by research from Greenpeace and Solar Thermal Electricity Association, several scientists have joined forces and developed a new concept.

The project was made possible through a $ 2.4 million grant from the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation, which was given to a collaboration between scientists at IBM Research (NYSE: IBM); Airlight Energy (supplier of solar technology), ETH Zurich (Study for Renewable Energy carriers) and the Interstate University of Applied Sciences Buchs NTB (Institute for Micro- and Nanotechnology MNT).

Innovative industry

As is often the case, countries such as Switzerland, but also Germany are often at the forefront when it comes to innovative research in the industrial field. This also explains why these countries also play a major role in this industry that provides a significant boost to their economies. Their knowledge structure, training schools, also respond to this by supplying well-qualified personnel every year.

It is really time for the Dutch government to roll up its sleeves and start worrying about making our society more sustainable. Economically, there is much to be gained, because the sustainable market is one of the few that is growing and still has a lot of development potential. There is hardly a better recipe for fighting the crisis.