What is a good vacancy?

When it comes to job placement, the candidate’s résumé is almost always central. The candidate is expected to draw up a motivation and summary that best matches the vacancy. It is not uncommon for vacancies to be drawn up inadequately.

I have deliberately not looked on the internet what the pitfalls are when creating vacancies. Below are things that I personally notice about vacancies. A well-prepared vacancy ensures better, more targeted applications, making selection a lot easier. However, vacancies are often so general or unclear that almost everyone can respond. A torrent of reactions is most likely the result.

Linkedin – Ziggo vacature

This vacancy has previously appeared on Linkedin. Apparently, the previous selection rounds have yielded nothing. However, the vacancy is exactly the same. Apparently it has not occurred to Ziggo that the vacancy text is rather weak.

The first thing you notice about the vacancy is a huge piece of text. Certainly the part about ‘responsibilities’ is an endless list that has been worked out almost at task level. There are also many duplications in the text and in the end the function name does not match the task content. The text also shows that Ziggo does not really know what the work entails and who they are looking for.

Because what is a Supply Chain officer? Usually the word ‘Officer’ is assigned to executive positions [CEO, CFO, CIO] But if you read the text there is no top management, let alone executive level.

And what kind of person is Ziggo looking for? “A personality that provides clear insight”. That seems quite difficult to me. Personality says something about who someone is. [unconcerned, extroverted, conscientious, open, etc.] Not so much what abilities a person can do.

You will see duplications in the specific job description, where all kinds of schedules are listed first, and then state that you are responsible for the planning. That is very often reflected in the text. It is also curious that you are responsible for the entire supply chain and then this is partially specified again. As if it is not quite the entire Supply Chain. Does Ziggo know what Supply Chain is and what it means by literature?

If you read through the position, Ziggo is looking for a candidate who really does everything, must be able to do everything and is responsible for everything. That is of course impossible. If you read a bit further, it becomes clear that it concerns a team function. However, the division of tasks within the team, how the team is set up, is not specified. If Ziggo elaborates on the task, I would have expected it.

The fact that it does not involve top management, despite the fact that the position is being set very heavily, is evident from the requirements that are set. HBO [nothing wrong with that, mind you], 2 years of experience, knowledge of planning and in addition the standard about Office, team player and communication skills. You also have to be proactive, decisive, independent, result and customer oriented. Sometimes it is exhausting those standard phrases in the vacancy texts. Because who isn’t that? Do not say that it is not you, because then you immediately lose weight. But in the many interviews that I have experienced in my career, not a single recruiter / HR manager has actually tested this. The interviewer will eventually have to believe you on your blue eyes. So what’s the value of this?

And the entire job content will be called into question if it turns out that the Purchasing and logistics department really does everything and then it is stated that Supply Chain Management within Ziggo; “…… the Ziggo production process for consumer products .. “. What is Ziggo now? Because production was previously defined much more closely.

So what is Ziggo actually looking for? What type of employee, what does the job exactly entail, what does the Purchasing and Logistics department look like? And the function is very blurry in content, or rather generalise. It is really everything, but the text regularly contradicts itself in terms of definitions. And where is it located in the organization? What is the actual function of gravity? Especially given the job title. And what is the salary level? Not even an indication or range while Ziggo does specify the level that is required. So am I excited Ziggo? Well no, I’m mostly confused.