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The illusion of “Empowering”.

Every year we come up with more and more jargon to disguise that we don’t know which way to go. We stumble from pitfall to pitfall.

You know the expressions: “empowering, adjusting, dovetailing, leveling, adding vitamins, hitting picket poles etc”. Vague and meaningless screams, which everyone thinks he / she knows what it means, but which in fact adds nothing to the situation you are in. We define our own incompetence in a mash of words, followed by aimless action. And every time we realize we’re spinning in a circle, we come up with the next piece of jargon. Because what exactly does “empowering” mean? A definition according to “Career Tiger”:

“Being empowered means doing the things that suit you, what you can do and what you believe in, in short, that you are ‘congruent’. That you achieve things and are at peace with yourself. And sometimes you don’t and still be at peace with yourself. These are all ways of self-realization. ”

A whole mouth full that you can go in all directions. It is also a definition that no one can actually be against. That’s what we all want, isn’t it? Then why aren’t we all like this? Numerous training, seminars and books are available, but we keep looking for the holy grail called “standing in our strength”. And after every session we feel equally good to find that the next day we are back to square one. But don’t worry, good reason for another session. We are guilty of creating illusions.

Change, improve, innovate. Everyone is expected to do that. Private or business. You are expected to join the waves of progress. But what exactly is this progress? Who defines and determines that? Is progress always something new? They are intangible concepts through which we lose ourselves in abstractions. It conceals our incompetence and ignorance. We pretentiously package this in language of strength, often in English what it sounds even better, and impress our environment to strengthen our position, to appear experienced and smart.

Anyone who drops out at this conceptual hot balloon show will be mocked. They are then referred to as issues, challenges, change fatigue or even defined as ballast for the organization. Many employees in the organization simply cannot use this jargon because it does not affect them. Not because they are not involved, but because the concepts are completely meaningless.

The jargon has never been unambiguously defined. Those who think they understand it, give it their own interpretation. As a result, there are endless discussions about what exactly needs to be done. Not infrequently, beautiful business cases are executed again and again because the jargon disguises the real goal. The real goal was never actually determined because the executives were unable to get to the heart of the problem. Then the illusion of abstract concepts. The employees then groan under the vision less management, who in turn complains about the unwilling employees.

Shall we leave the illusions for what it is. Abstract concepts do not bring you closer or faster to the solution. Just look in the mirror, be yourself and determine that no one and nothing is perfect. No jargon is needed for this, but self-knowledge.