quick response

Quick Response Management

Quick response management is an old but not too well-known theory that teaches you how to deal with variations. Due to the increasingly unique demands of consumers, the supply chain is differentiating, but the product and process complexity is also increasing.

To keep costs under control, many organizations have embraced Lean and Six Sigma to standardize their processes. At some point they run into the problem that highly complex products / processes are difficult to standardize.

Quick Response Management is a philosophy developed 20 years ago by Prof. Rayan Suri. His philosophy continues where Lean-Six Sigma no longer offers solace. Accept the variations in your processes where these are of strategic distinguishing importance.

Internally, it is about shortening internal turnaround times in the workplace and office so that the internal response speed can be increased. Externally, it’s all about responding faster and more effectively to customer requests and communicating smarter with suppliers so that products can be designed and delivered faster based on customer-specific questions.

Reducing the Manufacturing Critical-path Time is the next phase in the maturity of organizations to be able to cope with cost pressure on the one hand and the increasing unique demand from the customer on the other.

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