crisis, economy

Digitization is becoming more important with increasing uncertainty.

Uncertainty brought about by the disrupted relations between the United States and China, but also climate change will play a crucial role. However, digitization offers opportunities to meet these challenges.

Complexity To cope with the increasing complexity of supply chains and tariff wars, technology offers more and more opportunities to make the right decisions. When making strategic decisions, artificial intelligence or forms of it can no longer be ignored.

Data, data Data analysis and data mining to predict the choices of customers and to organize your supply chain accordingly is essential. This can lead to, for example, reconsideration of production locations, other forms of transport and, as a result, redesign of your supply chain.

International trade China continues to make progress. With a completely new infrastructure, not only in China itself, but also with setting up the Silk Route. This creates completely new opportunities for your supply chain. China is also investing more and more in infrastructure projects in the West. In Southern Europe, China invests in new ports and transport solutions. It opens up the Southern European route.

climate The climate will not become less turbulent. The predictions are anything but rosy. This can and will lead to disruptions in your supply chain. Shortening your total supply chain, reducing the number of Tiers and producing closer to home can be a strategic consideration.

Cost development In the transport area you will increasingly be confronted with levies on fossils. Invest in new sustainable technologies. This development is inevitable. A lot of freight traffic from Dutch carriers is getting closer to home. Long international journeys are taken over by Eastern European carriers. Due to the shorter routes, electric driving is also becoming an option in practical terms.

Summarized. your supply chain will change considerably in the coming years in terms of design and use of resources. Digital solutions, analysis, mining, artificial intelligence can help you make the right choices in an extremely complex environment that will remain uncertain and unstable in the near future.