Improve your truckload factor

Making better use of the load factor for road transport has been the subject of discussion for years and is now also a top priority for the Top Sector policy. However, the reality is complex and unruly.

Better utilization of the transport capacity is more than desirable for business, social and environmental reasons. Certainly the increasing competition from Eastern Bloc transporters is putting heavy pressure on the Dutch sector.

In practice it is hardly possible to realize 100% loading. The diversity between flows of goods and the capriciousness of the market hinder loading optimization.

  • A uniform number for degree of load cannot be given. This is too dependent on, among other things, the sector, the product, legislation and [international] competition
  • Figures and calculations by Statistics Netherlands and Eurostat are not completely reliable due to differences in definitions.
  • Innovation and cooperation at both shipper and transporter level offer the most opportunities.
  • The degree of loading data is variable and limited in reliability, making effective policy more difficult.
  • Modalities other than road transport are often unnecessarily overshadowed by road transport.