Health care

Future of the medical supply chain

The pharmaceutical industry will face its greatest challenge in the coming years. The trusted Sales model will no longer be sufficient.

The pressure on cost control and radical changes in R&D also requires a drastic adjustment of the medical supply chain. There is no longer talk of “Business as usual”.

Governments and insurers are shifting from budget control to patient-driven outcomes and results [demand management]

  • Distribution models will change due to a shift to home care and, on the other hand, high-quality academic conglomerates.
  • Globalization leads to an increase in price pressure and expiring patents lead to a decrease in margins.
  • Aging will increase health costs, making cost reduction, while maintaining quality, more important than ever

The health market is undergoing a rapid change, with major differences but also similarities between the different countries and economic blocs. The market is expanding, the costs are rising due to an aging population and the lifespan is increasing due to medical solutions.

Cost control can be found in more effective collaboration within the supply chain and between manufacturers in serving the same customers. Both upstream and downstream, supply chain integration and the use of service providers can lead to significant savings, without putting pressure on quality and service.


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