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The pebbles of organizational changes

During organizational changes, companies often seek big costs on which they can save quickly. Often, this does not lead to the desired results. It mostly leads to temporary reduction in costs, but the effectiveness of the organization often declines. They disregard the pebbles that are often of more importance then the big chunks

It is a well-known expression, “all on the same page.” However, this goes beyond the proverbial atittude of employees. It just so much about how the organization’s strategy into effective policies at all levels. Is every process, procedure or reporting aimed at achieving the objectives?  Procedures fade,  processes have increasingly discrepancies and reports are often unclear when it comes to what needs to be accomplished.

Lean advocates to evaluate each process and eliminate any deviation, however small. It is about the right things doing the first time right. That means dig deep in your organization. Every stone needs to be turned around and determine if you need the stone, whether it is in the right place and fulfills its function.

The organization survey I’ve compiled is doing thorough work for you. All aspects of an organization are discussed and evaluated. You will get a full picture of all the ‘stones’ and their performance. The strategic elements, your operations and the supporting factors within your organization. Besides the qualitative evaluation, the quantitative benchmark that compares the performance of your organization with the companies in your industry. So don not hesitate to take the free survey. Start here the free trial, so you know that all noses really all point in the same direction for three days.