Provide good ID labels.

ID labels are often the last thing that comes to mind when designing or redesigning a warehouse. However, labels are crucial for the operation of your operation.

Most warehouse managers are working hard to steer the increasing e-commerce flows in the right direction and, above all, ensure optimal use of the available space. Still, it’s important to put labels at the top of your priority list. Some tips when implementing ID labels.

1) ensure a cross-functional team from your organization, but also with your suppliers. So shop floor personnel, your wms suppliers, planning, label and equipment suppliers.

2) Obviously, your scanning equipment must be able to handle your labels. taking into account scanning distance, [there is an elementary difference between static and dynamic scanning] the length of your barcode, symbol possibilities. And your operation itself. You scan at floor level or higher racks where the difference is whether the warehouse employee works from the floor or goes up yourself.

3) Environmental factors are the third point you want to consider. What is the condition of your statements. Lots of dust and dirt in the area. The temperature of the environment is also very important. Think, for example, of freezing areas or surroundings where the humidity is low. Also how do you attach the labels. Directly on the racks or must they hang freely above passageways or loading platforms. Pay attention to whether they hang fixed or may move freely [air flows]

4) The data file. What exactly do you want to store in the code? The location data goes without saying, but the layout of the total label also involves symbols on the label that are legible for the employee. Also consider possible color coding of your labels.

5) Implementation. Take your equipment and floor solutions into account. How many people are going to work with it. When determining the number of scanners, take charging points and reserves into account. Also the right protection and fasteners for your equipment. Starting on time and testing your labels well, including within your WMS, can mean the difference in delivering your new or improved operation on time. Don’t underestimate it.