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False self-employment causes CAO regulations.

ZZP Nederland is making a fuss because more and more collective agreements include restrictions and regulations that affect self-employed persons. But is that really such a problem as ZZP Nederland does?

Let’s be honest. There is a large group of self-employed people who operate at the bottom of the labor market. At very low rates, these self-employed people can barely keep their heads above water. The competitive pressure of foreign workers in particular contributes to this.

On the other hand, an organization like UWV is responsible for dumping unemployed people on the self-employed market. The long-term unemployed are actively encouraged to become self-employed. The first 3 years this is tempting because of the high discounts. But then the blow comes. The unemployed person appears not to be self-employed at all. Hardly know the function of a business plan, debtor risk or even networks for assignments are not within his competence. Often through acquaintances they manage to get assignments or through dubious intermediaries.

For clients, price-technical ideal. Not the worries of employment and low rates. In this way we automatically create a huge group of poor workers with less and less perspective. Employee organizations see this construction as a distortion of competition with regard to employment.

And they are not completely wrong. Europe’s service schedule is not functioning properly. The evasion of labor legislation and tax regulations is the order of the day. And the active role of the UWV can certainly be regarded as dubious.

It is not so much that it hinders the obstacles of collective agreements and agreements. The schemes have become increasingly easier in recent years and the upcoming Flex Act will make it even easier for employers. It is to be expected that employee organizations are now trying to limit these abuses. The Government clearly fails in its task of dealing with evasion on the employer’s side. Not only employees are affected, but also employers who want to operate according to the law.

In my opinion, ZZP Nederland can be more concerned with tackling bogus self-employment. Stricter arrangements to become independent. End the active role of the UWV and sit down with employee organizations to establish a good relationship between employees and the self-employed. Nobody is waiting for ‘war’ in the workplace.

NB: Apparently there is still the illusion that bogus self-employment does not exist. This is despite room discussions and minutes and the research below, which is one of several false self-employment studies: