Confront your paradigm

The longest time to change is not the change itself, but the time you need to decide to do it differently and overcome your paradigm.


A paradigm is a thinking model with rules and regulations with which one confronts different confrontations and challenges in daily life. Over the years, this thinking model has formed a person in which experience mainly serves as an empirical basis. This slowly creates a quiet and predictable way of responding to situations. Breaking this thinking model is the greatest challenge for everyone to achieve change.


Because we always apply our quiet ideas to different situations, we create our own fallacies for not doing something. Because why couldn’t you break with your current career and start a whole new one? Yes, the financial responsibility you carry is an obstacle. But why wouldn’t you be able to do that in a new career? Why can’t you become a jockey or a deep sea diver or a creative artist? You will undoubtedly be able to put forward a dozen reasons, but most of them are the product of your own paradigm.

Your arguments are based on past experience and not focused on the future.

Organisational change.

It is not much different within organizations. Then it becomes even more complex because a multitude of individual paradigms cause an organizational paradigm. Breaking through is even more difficult. Still, the companies that have the guts to put aside the paradigms and start doing things radically because otherwise, are very successful. They do not linger in the past [the lesson of V&D] but dare to think big and start immediately. They start changing tomorrow. No debate or consultation is needed for this.

The problem for many organizations is that they only dare to change if the current situations become so unsustainable and more threatening than the necessary change. Something that many top athletes fight against every day. The desire to conserve, the conservatism that lies in every person and prevents us from taking risks.

This is an ancient mechanism that served our survival but hardly applies in our daily life. Except when we are in physically risky situations. So contradict that inner voice, be prepared and undergo the change with a view to all the beautiful things to come.