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Supply Chain Management is outdated.

Traditional Supply Chain Management is under severe pressure.…

The pebbles of organizational changes

During organizational changes, companies often seek big costs…

The fear for human cooperation

What does man holds back to achieve an effective human cooperation?…

Solutions retail E-Fulfillment

By ensuring timeliness and transparency on the supply of products,…

Social media as a slippery slope

With the huge technological developments over the recent years…

Stop building controlpoints in your process.

Some organizations have the tendency to add new controls and…

Need for segmentation of your supply chain

Supply chain segmentation is the end to end alignment of your…

Dutch crisis deepens.

At the start of the mondial crisis in 2008, at first, the Netherlands…

Manage your energy consumption.

The industrial and transport sector have been the sectors that…

European crisis recovery in sight?

Today the German Ministry of Finance announced that their deficit…

Get out of office.

Everyone is probably familiar with it. At the beginning of your…

Twitter not done in Business.

It sounds incredible. Social media are the hot topic to communicate…

Lack of Vision.

The new Dutch government called it a failure in communication,…

Cost of conflict of interest.

Interest or conflict of interest refers to a situation where…

Shorten your supply chain

Recent local natural disasters has shown that a global supply…

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