Cycle of change

How do I realize organizational change?

Organizational change is a continuous trial and error process.…

Predictive analysis as a decision model.

KPIs are important tools for an organization to measure the level…
big data

Data als basis voor besluitvorming.

Besluitvorming binnen organisaties willen het liefst doen op…
Supply chains

Future of supply chains

Despite the crisis, supply chains are at a major turning point.…

The future of supply chain is called Omni Chain.

One of the most important emerging trends is missing in the article…
supply chain

Is your supply chain crisis resistant

Companies are always challenged to adapt their supply chain to…

The 10 most important principles in change management.

The ghost has been out of the bottle for several years. Change…

Why Drones threaten to fail.

What goes wrong with these kinds of issues is that it is exposed…

Brain chip solution for Big Data?

IBM has developed a new chip that is more like the functioning…

10 tips to achieve your goals.

Is there a magical concept that ensures that your goals, priorities,…