The company handles the transmission of digital satellite television in the Netherlands via the Astra satellite. It also has a branch in Belgium. The company‘s continuous develops to the fast-changing media market operate with ever new solutions and partnerships with other digital services.

Period: 2006

Sector: Media

Function: Logistics Manager

Project specifications

Assignment - Logistics

As logistics manager responsible for the redesign of the value chain. Due to market developments, the company has opted for forward integration in the chain. The company has a wholesale function pursued. In addition, by its forward integrations it obtained a retail function. This means that the purchase, assembly and distribution function should be revised. The basis for the logistics chain will be based on the SCOR model. With the management team clear objectives have been determined:

  • On Time and In Full delivery – 95%
  • Supply chain flexibility [score 4]
  • Stock reliability of minimal 97,5 %

For longer term is defined:

  • reduce average inventory levels
  • lower costs of internal logistics
  • increase cash to cash cycle time
Assignment ICT

In October, starting with the selection of software packages which should further support the development of the organization. It’s objective: Integrated software system that enables the organization to complete the goods – and ensure information flow, so that the goods and related information and financial flows within the organization runs smoothly at the lowest possible cost. After a shortlist procedure Exact Globe 2003 has been purchased.

The scope of the project: Divisions Logistics, Production, Finance, Purchasing, Sales / Marketing, Interface IBS, transition production. Project is divided into three phases due to the identified risks. [Including interfaces, low ERP knowledge in organization, geographical distribution]

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Internal goods – information and related funding is identified. This is contained in a management system. On its lower level for logistics process are all mapped and evaluated. The existing human quality is mapped and evaluated. The internal strength of the organization is evaluated by the Baldrige method.

In a period of 13 weeks I prepared for logistics and manufacturing new and improved procedures. The production site has implemented a change in occupation to achieve the right quality of production management. All items are mapped, introduction of a stock location system and a zero count performed. The management concept for the organization has been modified to achieve a balanced flow of information and thus enable an effective organization management.


The completion of the ERP system is implemented on time and in full. Phase I and II have been completed without any problems. Phase III has been modified because of the risk factors for interfacing with external IBS system used for satellite communications. The interface is set offline and is fully functional.

  • On Time and In Full delivery – 95%
  • Supply chain flexibility at score 4
  • Stock reliability above 97,5 %
  • Strategy of Make to stock combined with Make to Order
  • EXact Globe 2003 succesfully implemented
  • Integration of different locations on logistics and ICT area
  • Full value chain mapping.
  • Staff trained in logistics and Exact

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