The company is an internationally operating food company and has it’s sales and manufacturing locations throughout Europe. The products range from bread to special products such as cakes and pastries. The company carries only Private labels.

Period: January 2004 – July 2004

Sector: FMCG – Food

Function: Project Manager – Management consultancy

Project specifications


At the production site in Belgium, the production and storage is realised for rice cakes and coffee biscuits. It employs a total of 250 direct FTEs. A number of years, attempts have been made by the organization in order to control the effectiveness and efficiency at a higher level. Goal here is to increase the reliability, production to reduce losses and improve financial results. I as project manager was hired to guide the organization in achieving its goals.

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Objective of the assignment:

Realizing the demand that the service level set by the customer is maintained at the lowest possible cost. This means that:

Realize production volume of 3.2 million units
Reliable delivery to customers: at least 95%
Lowering operating expenses by € 500.000, –


Goals revisited

Plan                                                                                               Actual

Production volume of 3.2 million units                                      3.4 million

Reliable delivery to customers: at least 95%                             96.4%

Reducing operating costs by € 500,000                                  € 685,000


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