Originally a Swiss family company that supplies power cables to energy companies and energy installers. Its market stretches from high voltage lines in Germany in the energy sector up to the rapid developing markets in Asia such as China.

Period: February 2013 – April 2013

Sector: Energy

Function: Supply Chain Strategy review

Project specifications


The organization is faced with a rapidly changing market where the end business customers increasingly push back responsibility into the supply chain. A number of market reacts by forward integration. The customer demand was outlining various strategic scenarios used as the basis for further strategic discussion within the Board of Directors and shareholders.

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The strategic review was divided into market-orientation and product development. She has created a strong local market develops in the region with a great diversity of products. And supplying high quality worldwide High voltage cables for major energy projects such as nuclear power plants and wind farms.


The new global flow providing a central, collaborative planning of the entire supply chain. This central control is linked to regional divisions that have a high degree of autonomy when it comes to local sourcing and installation at the customer. Linking the regions back to the central planning monitoring their progress and achievement. From a global sales oriented, it is possible to timely realize the synergy between the different streams. Strategic raw materials and components is realized by centrally strategic sourcing.

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